Our mission is to deepen our relationship with God, follow Jesus in service to our community, and to work for justice and peace.

This list of accomplishments was compiled as part of our 2022 Christmas Offering letter. All of this happened between June - November of 2022. Come, be a part of making a difference in our community and the larger world.

Our Story

We are a busy, hard-working, and enthusiastic group of people who love our church and are passionate about making the world a more just place and serving others.

What We Believe 

“In essentials unity: in non-essentials, diversity; in all things love.”

Early Christians called themselves “People of the Way;” walking in the footsteps of Christ, living out the vision of the ‘Kingdom of God.’  Following this model, we emphasize faithful living, character, and caring more than static creeds or second-hand faith.

God is still speaking, still moving in our lives, and we find God through engagement in simple patterns of shared worship and friendship, kindness and study, sharing and caring.  We do not have ‘tests of faith’ but encourage personal journeys of discovery.

Jesus taught that we are closest to God when we help others.  “When I was hungry, you gave me food; when I was thirsty, you gave me something to drink…”(Matt 25) So we strive to reach out to help others in our community and the world through hands-on service projects and generosity.

This is a ‘congregational’ church; we share equally in ministry and governance.  We seek harmony and understanding in community life, teach children and adults the ways of God, and grow in spiritual depth and mature faith. This church has been worshiping on this spot for over 300 years, faithfully seeking God’s way.

Although our roots go back to the 1600s and we represent a merger of Baptist and Dutch Reformed Churches, we are members of an ecumenical Christian denomination, the United Church of Christ.  The United Church of Christ was the first American church to ordain a woman, the first to ordain a black man, the first to ordain an openly gay man, and the first to acknowledge that homosexuality is not sinful.  Our understanding of the world comes from the Bible, but we interpret God’s word anew for the context of our time.


Check-in with us on the latest sermons. 

  • The Worship & Music Committee, chaired by Carol Schreier, has consistently provided an incredible variety of guest speakers and Lay Leaders for Sunday worship. 
  • Susan Davies continues to astound with the music she chooses and direction of the choir. So many people experience God in our music.
  • Amanda Spagnolia always provides a message that reaches the children (and the adults) in a meaningful way.
  • Sunday School continues to attract new families and provide our children with a fun and meaningful Christian education.
  • Grace Modla has been behind the scenes providing weekly liturgy and bulletin cover art to support each of our speakers. We are grateful!
  • Don Pope works tirelessly to fill the Sunday pulpit. Thank you Don for your diligence and excellent choices!
  • Janice and Bill Liebenow continue to run weekly Bible Study, exploring Spirituality among our peers in the absence of a Pastor. Thank you for all you do!
  • Second Hour programs have begun again. We learned about homelessness in Monmouth County during September and began to listen to each other about our flags during the second hour in October.
  • What could be more holy than to hear our children sing? And of course the Children’s Pageant in December!

“Follow Jesus in service to our Community”...

  • The first half of this fiscal year we have supported: Family Promise, Crop Walk, Bay Shore Lunch Program, Calico Cat Food Pantry and Sylvia’s Children. It takes many people to make this happen, many more than are recognized below. A shout out to:
    • Diane Krause, Liz Mueller, Judy Bacon and our Youth Group for Family Promise dinners and Halloween treats!
    • Howard Kradjel for organizing our Crop Walk Team.
    • Judy Bacon and Bob and Betty Randall for making delicious lunches for Bayshore Lunch Program
    • Janice Liebenow, Helen Poling, Sue Field and Mary Kaye Snodgrass for working with Calico Cat Food Pantry.
    • Sylvia Allen for creating Sylvia’s Children and being the Grandmother to so many children in Africa!
  • The Mission committee works tirelessly to look for opportunities to serve those less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you Judy Bacon and to the entire, very large committee for the role model you provide in serving as Jesus would have.
  • The Christian Care committee ensures we have taken care of our own, through prayer, meal trains, errands, etc. Thank you to Carrie Virgilio for keeping up with our members and friends through our time without a Pastor! It is hard work!!
  • Youth Group, under the direction of Val & Kris Hansen and Tara Hennessey has begun the new year with a new format. We are thankful for your leadership in this all important community effort! Children grades 4 and up can now participate in Youth Group, with the high school students taking on a leadership role. They just celebrated Halloween and will have a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving before this letter gets to you! This format has increased participation in Youth Group!

Of course, we can’t forget Church Vitality! The food and beverages available each and every Sunday keep us gathering in Fellowship Hall. A big thank you to Regina Criscione and the Coffee Hour Teams for keeping us nourished and together! And then there is the day out to the Blue Claws game, orchestrating the Rally Day picnic and to come… Game Night, Chocolate Tasting and the Thanksgiving Pie Sale!

“Work for Justice and Peace”...

Our Justice and Peace Committee (formerly Social Justice) is chaired by Liz Mueller, thank you Liz for your leadership and innovation! We have focused on two areas, Environmental 

Justice and Social Justice. This committee is less than two years old and is one of the most active in the church. Just since June 1, we have:

  • Environmental - Cut down on paper by adding ceramic coffee mugs for coffee hour,  wrote informative newsletter articles about saving energy and recycling, and taught  church members about saving energy by upgrading to LED lightbulbs in their homes.
  • Social Justice - working with the Justice & Witness committee of the Central Atlantic Conference, we wrote postcards to encourage the marginalized to vote during this election in a non-partisan way, participated in the Asbury Park Pride Festival, and brought wisdom to the second hour flag discussion.

In addition:

  • We launched a new website, thank you Marketing Committee! Carol Schreier, Matt Snodgrass, Grace Modla, Carrie Virgilio and Tammy Yesalonis.
  • Worked through a new system for pledges and donation income, thanks to Dave Mackey and Matt Snodgrass!
  • Solved some banking issues that arose because of banking regulation changes over the years - Karen Swift and Hank Bauer worked diligently to make  this happen!
  • Janice Liebenow and Mary Beth Jones have been leading the effort to keep our gardens beautiful.
  • Bill Liebenow and Don Pope work tirelessly every day to keep Building and Grounds running smoothly.

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