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Special Worship Events

Rally Day!  First Sunday after Labor Day
During this service we welcome back those who have been out and about during the summer season.  We especially welcome back children, families, and teachers as Church School classes begin again.  We also welcome back our full church choir that has taken a break during the summertime.

Colonial Thanksgiving Service – (Sunday before Thanksgiving)
This church is over 300 years old and is steeped in the history of this area and of the nation.  During this service we re-enact a service that may have been held in the past in the Baptist or Dutch Reformed traditions, and have preachers and speakers from the past give the message.  People are encouraged to dress in Colonial outfits, though this is not required.  It is a fun and instructive service that immerses us in lessons from the past, and inspires our thanksgiving for what we have today.

Christmas Services

Children’s Christmas Pageant
Our children dress up and put on a creative variation of the traditional Christmas pageant, using a variety of original scripts written by our directors: Sue Field and Susan Davies.  All children are invited to participate and costumes are provided. It is a fun and special way to celebrate the Christmas season.

Christmas Sunday
On the fourth Sunday of Advent, we combine choral music, arts, carols, and word to offer an uplifting celebration of the season.

Christmas Eve Services 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm
Our Christmas candlelight services are held at 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm with our choir, readings, sermon, and candles in the dark sanctuary to the tune of “Silent Night.”

Lenten Worship

Ash Wednesday
We begin Lent with a special service of ashes, reminding us of our dependence on the God of life.

Good Friday Tenebre Service
“Tenebre” means shadow or darkness, and this service carries us to the grim reality of the cross, and our part in the gloom of this world.  We have readers who present the passion story, and as they candles are extinguished and lights dimmed, until the congregation is left in darkness.  A candle returns to remind us of the hope we find in Christ.

Easter Celebrations

Palm Sunday
We receive palms as reminders of Jesus’ triumphant entry, but also his journey into his passion.  After the service we hold an egg-hunt for the children.

Easter “Almost-Sunrise” Service  7:00 am
We gather in the back cemetery as the sun rises and birds sing, to remind us of new-life arising from the tomb.  We light an Easter bonfire, which is an ancient symbol of the light of Christ.  And we sing Easter hymns, hear good news, and burn palms as signs of forgiveness and hope.

Easter Services of Celebration, 9:00 am and 11:00 am
Our Easter worship celebrations are at 9:00 am and 11:00 am, with glorious music from our choir,  an Easter message, in our sanctuary filled with Easter lilies.  (Bring a flower from your garden or bouquet to decorate our Easter resurrection cross.)

Children’s Communion & Bible Sunday – First Sunday in May
Once a year we celebrate communion with a focus on our children, offering young people an opportunity to be front and center as we share the Lord’s Supper.  Rev. Rusty will be instructing children in the meaning of communion on Sunday, April 27th, and then children will be invited to sit in the front of the sanctuary as he celebrates the sacrament.  We will also be giving out bibles to children who are completing the 2nd grade; this group will also be invited to stand at the table as Rev. Rusty talks through the Lord’s supper.

Children’s Day Sunday – Second Sunday in June
In a celebration that is more than a century old, our church honors children who are completing another year of Sunday School by having them lead the worship service, along with their teachers.  Come enjoy the creativity and energy of young people as they express their faith.  Then stay for the Church Family Picnic that follows.