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Ceremonies and Sacraments

Holy Communion

First Sunday of each month at 10am worship.
Our congregation has traditionally celebrated the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of each month.  In accordance with many Protestant churches we use grape juice, rather than wine, in consideration for those who suffer from alcohol addiction.  We also provide alternatives to bread for those who have wheat allergies.  In harmony with most Christian traditions, we understand communion to be both experiencing the ‘real presence’ of Christ, and as remembering Christ’s teaching and example.



Children and Adults are welcome
Our congregation has an open policy in regard to baptism.  We believe that God welcomes those who desire to become part of God’s holy family and to unite with Jesus in resurrection hope.  Therefore, we do not require that people join the church before being baptized.  We do ask that you meet with the minister prior to baptism to talk about the meaning of baptism, and to find a date that is in accord with the church calendar.  We perform baptisms within our 10am worship celebration as a representation of becoming included in the worldwide Christian community.



Couples are welcome
This church has a beautiful and intimate sanctuary that is ideal for wedding services.  We have a full pipe organ and are well acquainted with performing weddings. And we have a beautiful hall that can be catered to create an elegant reception or rehearsal dinner.   Feel free to consult with the minister and/or minister of music about your plans, and we can give you an outline of our procedures. Rev. Rusty works closely with couples to allow them to create a ‘custom-made’ worship service, with lots of input from the couple about wording, decorations and music.   Contact the church for more info: holmdelchurch @verizon.net

We have a member of the church, Rev. Dave Robertson, who is an ordained UCC minister and wedding officiant.  His website is www.aday2remember.us


Individuals and families are welcome
This is a “community church” and we often do funerals or memorial services for those who are not members of the church. If you have need for us to perform a service celebrating and life and honoring a passing, then we are equipped.  We also have a beautiful hall for a dinner or wake.  You can work through a funeral home or talk with us directly.


Confirmation Class

7th and 8th grade students
This class is taught by Reverend Rusty every other year. The class provides a year-long overview of essential themes in the Christian tradition and our own church.  It also includes activities such as visiting congregations of other traditions, community service, trips, and retreats.  At the successful completion of the program, the young adults choose whether to affirm their baptismal vows and to become members of the congregation.

Special Ceremonies and Observances

Celebrating life-transitions and highlights
Our congregation marks personal passages, times of blessing or sadness, or times of national or global issues with ceremonies to fit the occasion.   For example, we offer ‘renewal-of-wedding vow’ services, prayers at gravesides, or blessings of homes.   On the first Sunday of October, we have a “Blessing of the Animals” worship service outside; and on Memorial Day we gather in our cemetery for prayers for our own loved ones, and those who have given their lives in service to our country.